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Date: Mon Jun 30 1997 - 11:54:07 EDT

Edward Hobbs wrote:

>Probably the most widely-held (among major scholars) view in recent years
>is the one which also has been accepted by the International Commission on
>English Texts (representing a majority of all English-speaking Chrisians
>world-wide)-- to wit, that PEIRASMON here refers to the "final" testing of
>of humanity before the End, a PEIRASMOS analogous to the PEIRASMOS of
>Israel in the Wilderness, often identified with the "tribulation" of Mark
>13 and parallels. Hence we are to pray, "Save us from the time of trial!"
>This is the translation actually present (as an alternative form) in the
>major Prayer Books of English-speaking Christianity.
> (Of course, people don't change how they pray very easily, and
>though it is right there in the Prayer Book every time I go to church, I
>have never yet heard a congregation pray that version of the Lord's Prayer.
>They don't even use the King James Version ["Forgive us our debts...."]
>--used by churches founded after 1611--but stick to the good old 1539
>Great Bible version ["Forgive us our trespasses.....], since that was
>what was in the FIRST Prayer Book of 1549! The AV/KJV is still too new-
>fangled to use for prayer, not to speak of the ICET version, first in our
>PB in 1976!)

Edward, I share youir interpretation, adding that the seventh petition
should be "but rescue us from the Evil One (Masculine, not neuter).

And I am happy to say that in my seminary and the parish in which I worship
we use regularly the text agreed on by the ICET. In fact, when people
unthinkingly begin the "traditiona version," it usually ends up confused
with the updated, more correctly translated text.

Pax tecum.

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