From: BTHURMAN@unca.edu
Date: Sun Jun 01 1997 - 08:56:34 EDT

duly noting your notes, carl, and barely have time to tell all that, last time
i looked unca had reprints of keil both grammatici graeci and the latini -- a
really instructive exercise being to compare the portions of apollonius
dyscolus that have been adapted by priscian with the same

what was the name of the not too long ago translator of apollonius? fred
householder? i'll look it up. most of it looked pretty good to me.

also unca had p-w last time i looked. and, if while you're in the area, you
ever need daremberg-saglio, it's right there near where youu sat in our living
room. just phone to be sure we're in town, since we'll be away, especially at
christian movement arts events thihs summer.

yours and His, shalom,
bearded bill of asheville <bthurman@unca.edu>
unca not having approved either whom or thereof.

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