New search engine

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Thu Jun 26 1997 - 23:29:05 EDT

Hey, SunSITE is now indexing B-Greek in its new search engine. Check it out at:

I like this a lot better than the search stuff I kludged together. I have
placed a reference to on the archives index page at:

You can now sort results by date or by relevance, see a lot more context,
get more accurate results, and apply the search to the entire web if you
prefer. Also, B-Greek data is now being filtered out to the world at large,
so people may find your messages when they search the web with the standard
search engines. For what it's worth, my favorite general purpose search
engine is:

So if you've posted a lot to B-Greek, you just might find that there are
five pages of references to your name up there...


Jonathan Robie
POET Software, 3207 Gibson Road, Durham, N.C., 27703

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