Re: Matt 6:13//Lk. 11:4 one last time

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 06:14:41 EDT

Jeffrey Gibson <> wrote:

>During the last few days I have taken the data I posted to the
>list on PEIRASMOS etc. and applied it to the question raised by Jonathan
>which prompted these postings (namely, how is the petition in Matt.
>6:13//Lk. 11:4 to be interpreted), producing what I think is a
>fairly definitive answer on the matter.

This is an amazingly thorough response to the question I raised. Thanks!

>Rather, I will happily send it out off list on an individual basis
>to any list member who requests it. To those who DO wish to see it,
>I ask the courtesy of a thoughtful review.

I just got back from a surprise business trip, and was pleased to find this
in my in basket last night. I'll send you my comments and questions later,
since a slapdash response would be an insult to the careful work that
obviously went into this message. I think I want to reread your message
several times before I respond.



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