Re: Lampe

From: Maurice A. O'Sullivan (
Date: Mon Jul 14 1997 - 08:26:21 EDT

At 19:17 13/07/97 -0500, "Edgar M. Krentz" <> wrote:
>It may take someone who studied in England (Jeffrey Gibson, are you
>listening?) to decide. I have assumed that, no matter what his ethnic
>background, his name in British English would be pronounced with a silent
>e, e.g. as Lamp (one syllable).
>But like you, I will rejoice to get a definitive word.

When attending a summer school in Oxford , and about to enter Blackwell's
to buy Lampe's tome, I met a patristics scholar who assured me that indeed
the name is pronounced as one syllable.
[ I remember being staggered by the price, but on return trips to Oxford
I found that the price had practically doubled within 2-3 years ]
But what an extraordinary job these lexicographers did with nothing but
file cards -- together with great eyesight, long life, and the ability to
work all the hours of the day that the Lord gave them.



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