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Date: Thu Aug 14 1997 - 15:17:42 EDT

> Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 14:58:05 -0400
> From: Jonathan Robie <>
> At 07:35 AM 8/14/97 -0600, Bud Brown wrote:
> >But I'm having a hard time with CHARA; specifically, how it might be a new
> >man characteristic needed in our relationships with others. So I thought
> >perhaps the august members of this list might have some insights.
> OK, this is a hunch, not based on research. But to me, one of the marks of
> the Spirit is a certain joy in others, a lightness and rejoicing to be with
> others. People who exhibit the fruit of the spirit do not find everyone
> around them to be a trial and a burden, but rejoice in them and celebrate
> their relationships. So joy *is* an important characteristic in our
> relationships with others.
I'll second what Jonathan said. To me, the closest English
equivalent for ChARA is "delight." I don't agree with those
commentators who say that the "joy" mentioned in this passage
is (merely) an inner joy that does not necessarily manifest
itself in evident happiness. The Christians I've known who
have maintained their commitment in the face of devastating
losses, ravaging cancer, etc., still have a fundamental
delight showing through that draws people to them.


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