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Date: Thu Aug 14 1997 - 15:50:51 EDT

At 03:17 PM 8/14/97 -0400, James H. Vellenga wrote:
>I don't agree with those
>commentators who say that the "joy" mentioned in this passage
>is (merely) an inner joy that does not necessarily manifest
>itself in evident happiness. The Christians I've known who
>have maintained their commitment in the face of devastating
>losses, ravaging cancer, etc., still have a fundamental
>delight showing through that draws people to them.

Yes, even in the face of need and adversity - which is why Romands 12:8
tells us that when we show mercy, we are to do so with cheerfulness (hO
ELEWN EN hILAROTHTI). What an unusual thing to command!


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