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Date: Tue Aug 12 1997 - 06:36:06 EDT

Jonathan wrote;

>Getting to the root of the matter is always good - the only question is
>whether the root of a word's meaning is best found in the etymological
>roots. Words can change their meaning significantly over time, so the
>original etymology does not always convey the current meaning of the word. I
>think it is generally best to explore how a word is actually used, in
>context, in a number of different places; etymology offers further clues.
The place to begin to study these words is in context. In John a person
ought to study carefully the use of FILEW in 5:20, 11:3, 11:36, 12:25,
15:19, 16:27; and 20:2; in addition to the use in ch. 21.

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