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From: Otto Nordgreen (
Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 10:08:06 EDT

Dear Mr. Will Wagers,

thanks for your interesting remarks (or should I say comments)

>> If James considered his rendering OK, why shouldn't we?
>What sort of reasoning is this? "If it's good for General Motors, it's good
>for the USA?"

I see your point. I should have made it clear that I do not consider
General Motors to be inspired by God; whereas I do believe that James -
when he wrote his epistle - was inspired by God. This is one reason for me
not to question him (or his translation / rendering). I know that this is a
question of faith, not science. And my argument is only valid for those who
share my belief. I thought - and still think- that Rolf does believe that
James actually wrote the epistle in question; even if he thinks James
originally used the Tetragram. And- nedless to say - my argument was in
fact addressed to him. But - as I have said - I do see your point!!

>> If the tetragram originally was in
>> the NT, I find it somewhat amazing that it is not to be found in any single
>> NT manuscript (...and there are about 5000 [!] of them...)!

>Since the NT writings are a human collection of the religious writings of the
>time. Why not consider the hundred-odd other "gospels" and the "Gnostic"
>manuscripts as well? Any containing the tetragrammaton may have simply
>been selected out (or burned) of the final anthology.

Interesting, indeed! Then we could find out which religious group that
actually used the Tetragram and which did not.

>> If the pronunciation - and, indeed, the use -
>> of the tetragram was that important, why has YHWH God allowed the tetragram
>> to be removed completely from all the early NT mss?
>This sort of logic can justify anything, e.g. "If this idea is so
>non-sensical, why does YHWH God allow it to be propagated over the Internet?"

I wrote a PS which I labeled _theological_; now, what does that mean.
Again, my question (or point) is only valid for those who share my belief
in the Bible as the Word of God. I thought - and still think - that Rolf
share this belief. Others may not. And therefore, I should probably have
raised this question to Rolf in a private mail. (I am sorry; and I do


Otto Nordgreen

Student at Department
of Germanic Studies,
University of Oslo


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