Pentheros (again)

From: D. Anthony Storm (
Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 23:00:10 EDT

 Thanks to those who responded to my query. Though I spelled PENTHEROS
correctly in my subject line, I misspelled it twice in the body. Moreover, I
apparently did not make my question clear. I will try again.

Notwithstanding the learned and helpful information which was posted---which
I will wade through, I would like to know whether PENTHEROS, meaning
"father-in-law," or more to my point, "one connected by marriage," has a)
ever been posited as a possible inspiration for the fabrication of the Roman
soldier Panthera, or b) seems to be a viable explanation. Joseph himself
would have been a PENTHEROS of his stepson Jesus (through marriage). Am I
making sense now?

D. Anthony Storm

"What is truth but to live for an idea?" Kierkegaard

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