Re: Pentheros (again)

Date: Sat Aug 16 1997 - 09:32:03 EDT

In reply to Anthony Storm,

My apologies for not being pertinent to your original
question. I'm new to the list and read the messages in the wrong
order, ... ktl

You may find the whole section by Bienert on the "Relatives of Jesus"
helpful (pp. 470-488 of Schneemelcher, vol. 1), but particularly
perhaps the section entitled "Joseph, the father of Jesus" (pp. 483-5)
and the section immediately preceding on "Mary, the mother of Jesus"
(pp. 479-483). Each has a supplementary bibliography at the head of
the article which may also prove fruitful.

I hope this has been more germane.


Chris Montgomery
Provisional PhD
University of Queensland

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