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From: GentlJoe@aol.com
Date: Tue Aug 12 1997 - 15:55:52 EDT

1Corinthians 1
3 carij umin kai eirhnh apo qeou patroj hmwn kai kuriou ihsou cristou

Simple, right?
Grace/favor to you and peace from God, our father and Master Jesus Christís.
So why is this usually translated ...from God our father, and Master Jesus
Is there a precedent about how to link genitives? The way usually translated
to me suggests polytheism. All punctuation in this phrase is added, and it
would appear to me that my method of viewing the verse clarifies something
that is made muddy by the other. Am I being arrogant to suggest that the
accepted way may be flawed? I pray that God will use one of you scholars to
illuminate me.
                                                         A simple Christian,


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