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Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 20:19:57 EDT

At 04:50 PM 8/15/97 -0700, lakr wrote:
>How unusual is APO not followed by the genitive, as in Rev 1:4, 'APO hO WN' ?
>I have not found any similarly constructed expressions in either the
>LXX or the Greek NT, but my search was not exhaustive.
Rather unusual. In fact, unique. But titles and names can sometimes take the
nominative - e.g. John 13:13 FWNEITE ME hO DIDASKALOS KAI hO KURIOS, and hO
WN in this instance, which probably comes from Exodus 3:13 EGW EIMI hO WN,
may well be part of a fixed construction which is very well known and would
not normally be declined - as BDR points out, "not even after APO".

For geeks: I found APO followed by an article, a noun, or a pronoun. Only
one of these was followed by a non-genitive. Here's the breakdown according
to my Gramcord program:

APO followed by an article:

        genitive: 261
        not genitive: 1 - Revelations 1:4

APO followed by a noun:

        genitive: 176
        not genitive: 0

APO followed by a pronoun:

        genitive: 134
        not genitive: 0

Hope this helps,


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