RE: 1 Peter 1:2

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Aug 22 1997 - 06:52:25 EDT

At 3:26 PM -0500 8/21/97, Jim Beale wrote:
>Ay, Clayton, no doubt 'tis a joyous thought! EKLEKTOIS PAREPIDHMOIS,
>taken as a unit, is a constitutive conjunction of th'eternal and the
>temporal. It speaks of those who have been called from eternity to
>live in a glorious world, and, having recently become aware of that
>prior decision on the part of God, have left the world, while yet in
>it, and have become aliens and strangers in a strange land and have
>begun to make their pilgrimmage to the glorious new land.

Well, I guess that Peter was a bit more sophisticated by the time he wrote
this than he was when he wanted to put up huts for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah
on the mountaintop.

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