Test of Grk Fonts

From: Lex Kuhta (lexkuhta@mail2.deltanet.com)
Date: Sat Aug 30 1997 - 15:40:36 EDT

As a way to test something, pardon if the screen is garbled -
but it might not be:

What is the difference between the sentences below?





In the first sentence, who does the participle modify?

In the second sentence, whom does the participle modify?

The reason for the "genitive absolute" construction is that it has a
subject differnet from the subject of the main verb. Thus the sentences
above are translated respectively:

     Because he believed he could do it, Jesus healed them.

     Because they believed he could do it, Jesus healed them.

This has been a test of Greek fonts in e-mail. Thank you for your
patience for my posting this elementary message this here.

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