Anti-spam site (was: Spamming for Jesus ...)

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Date: Sat Aug 30 1997 - 06:51:39 EDT

At 11:43 PM -0500 8/29/97, wrote:
>I think we have wasted more space criticizing the comment than the comment
>merited. I think it would have best to let it go.

The thread began, I should note, not with the complaints but with a defense
of spamming sent to the list in response to my OFF-LIST exchange with that
The thread is now closed.On a more positive note regarding spam that
listmembers receive here or elsewhere, I've just received the following
message on another list and avail myself of the invitation to forward it:

>>Subject: AEGEANET Anti-Spam Web Site
>>Precedence: bulk
>>Status: U
>>I encourage anyone receiving spam to visit out the following web site,
>>dedicated to the eradication of spam and other forms of abuse of e-mail,
>>Usenet, &c.
>>Please feel free to distribute this message to other affected discussion
>Sorry to continue the thread, but here is a solution that has not yet
>been suggested. I urge all Aegeanet members to forward the unsolicited
>message (if you still have it) to It is
>almost universal that these free Email accounts come with the stipulation
>that no bulk mailings will be sent out. If they are aware that this
>person sent out this bulk mailing, and enough people complain about it,
>they will probably drop her from their service. Be sure that the full
>mail header is included in the forward, this will show that it did come
>from their service.
>Dominique THILLAUD
>Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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