Spamming for Jesus

From: John Neal (
Date: Mon Sep 01 1997 - 04:46:26 EDT

> The thread began, I should note, not with the complaints but with a > defense of spamming sent to the list in response to my OFF-LIST > exchange with that sender

   Carl, I realize that you may have wanted to conduct the initial
conversation about spamming for Jesus in private, but, as you failed and
continue to fail, to recognize - along with 95% of the replicants
(private or public) - the gospel is the holy word of God. It's the
precious message of salvation for sins - not possible any other way than
that of Jesus Christ. And since it is God's message, and not some
flippant errata of an unwelcome spammer, it must be treated with
respect. Do you not fear God? It is not yours to control. Period. Nor
anybody elses. It doesn't matter what medium it is conveyed in as long
as it accomplishes God's will. (Now I know some of you reading this will
immediately pervert this - as you already have in your responses to
   You and others continually promulgate detail after detail of a myriad
of Greek philological matters with less than a hairsbreadth of spiritual
discernment (and less than that at times). And for this reason, that
you publish this in open forum, I most certainly will publish in open
forum. Carl, who do you think you are? You're private threat to me to
take me off of the list should I continue this thread did anger me, but
for the grace of God I have restrained myself in sending you some sort
of caustic response.
   Look Carl, you claim to be a Christian-among-other-fine-Christians
posting to this list. Well, let's see Christ in you then. Don't hide
your light, brother. Do you not think that God's word is living? Are
you sure God is alive? How do you know? Do you think God actively
reveals truth through his word? Why else study it? Is your motive in
studying the Greek New Covenant to know God better? If so, how dare you
fault others who seek to contribute to the list their own discoveries
and the revelations God has given them (as I have seen your responses
time and time again...with CAPS in the repremandation, e.g., This is NOT
the list to discuss this topic, etc. - one person even e-mailed me
(concerning the Spamming for Jesus thread) with practically the very
same observation about this list). And if you do not study it for this
reason, you had better read or re-read a few things: start with Acts
4:17-20, then try the first amendment of the United States Constitution,
and finally, recheck the purpose of the b-greek list.
   I'm sure plenty of souls would enjoy contributing their Greek
insights without the fear of being assaulted as they pour their hearts
out. I know I would. And just because you've a number of impressive
educational achievements, don't think you're an expert when it comes to
discernment and application of that knowledge. By my observations of
your conduct towards others on this list from time to time, it's obvious
you're not. And since not an expert in discernment and application, then
not an expert in judgement. And since not an expert in judgement, where
do you get off in your condemnation of that which you don't understand?
But, alas, that is the crux of the matter, for Jesus said himself,
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do". Therefore, I'm
not sure if I'm just wasting my time in responding to you or not.
   Well, anyway, I've said my peace for the moment, although I'm
certainly not satisfied. Especially with the expertise you elegantly
wield in your rhetoric. But, no matter. The most profane of men in his
moment of humbly, beseeching Christ for salvation, is infinitely greater
than the wisest man in this world.


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