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At 07:19 97/08/30 -0500, Carl wrote:
>At 12:31 PM -0500 8/29/97, lakr wrote:
>>Dear B-GREEK'ers,

>>I have up to now, tried to ignore the accents, with the exception of
>>the rough breathing, but if it is important to the interpretation of
>>the text, I will consider tackling them.
>There aren't really an awful lot of instances where the accents make a big
>difference, but there are some, which I'm not going to try to list
>exhaustively, like interrogative and indefinite forms of TIS/TI
>distinguished by accent as well as by word-order, a 3d-singular like
>)ERWTA=i distinguished from a 2d-sg imperative )ERW'TA. Technically
>speaking the breathing marks aren't "accents" but "diacritical" marks, a
>more inclusive term for accents, breathing marks, diaereses, and crasis


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Dear Fellow Greekers,

If any others in b-greek are interested in the twelve major circumstances
where differences of breathings and/or accents differentiate between Greek
words, you will find them listed in section 8.85 (page 120) of my Greek
Grammar, "Learn To Read the Greek New Testament" (Fifth Edition, SPCK
Australia, 1995).


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