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From: McKay family (music@fl.net.au)
Date: Tue Sep 02 1997 - 04:59:22 EDT

2nd September, 1997
I have been attempting to get a handle on the LXX. I am trying to work out
how easily a NT student could learn to use it.

Here are some of my findings:

[My resources are not the best. I am relying on my abridged Liddell and
Scott which I bought for $1and Morrish's Concordance of the LXX, which
omits conjunctions, pronouns and familiar prepositions [though he has
included some of the longer ones!]

So if I was making a start like I did with NT Greek, I might begin by
learning the words which occur 50 times or more in the LXX, which I don't
already know from my NT vocab study.

Being so much bigger than the NT, there is a much larger vocab. A lot of
the words are familiar to NT students, and many new words consist of a
familiar word with a prefix attached.

In Kubo's Greek Lexicon, his list of words occurring more than 50 times
would be about 260, if you exclude the words that Morrish excludes.

Morrish's Concordance has about 549 words which occur more than 50 times in
the canonical books. But about two thirds of these words either occur less
frequently than 50 times in the NT, or are not found there at all.

 [In his introduction he says: "All reference to the Apocrypha has been
omitted; principally because it was judged that the Apocryphal books should
never have a place with the Holy Scriptures." Funny how they existed
happily together, side by side, in so many manuscripts!]

I'm having some trouble with some of the non-NT words. I can't find them in
BAGD or in my abridged Liddell.

Is anyone else embarking on a similar journey, or do any list members have
advice for me, please? [I'm also going through Conybeare and Stock, as
suggested by one of our listers.]

David McKay


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