Help with Fonts

From: Lex Kuhta (
Date: Tue Sep 02 1997 - 22:57:08 EDT

Wanted to say a quick word of thanks to the half dozen people who
e-mailed me after my request several weeks ago for help with fonts. A
number of interesting solutions were offered. It was good to experiment
with them.

I wanted to get a Greek font, along with English, in html, on the same
page, so as to do Q&A tutoring on the web for a class this fall where
people lived too far away to drive back for an in-person mid-week

The solution that worked for me was offered by Sam Gantt, Greek Prof at
Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA. He recommended the following site which
he said had step by step directions for Mac and Windows and Unix, etc.

The basic procedure is to add multi-language support to your computer
via your regular system (Win-95) installation diskettes/CD-ROM. Then go
to the site, download the right font, install it, and tell your browser
(Netscape) that you want the fixed width font to be Greek and that you
want the page coding to be Greek. Then as you compose in html in your
browser's edit mode, you can switch between English and Greek and type
Greek phrases and then make comments and explanations in English. Save
it and ftp it and voila!

Site has fonts and step by step "how to's" for most operating system and
broswer combinations.

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