Re: The Relevance of Synoptic Order

From: Stephen C. Carlson (
Date: Tue Sep 02 1997 - 22:55:16 EDT

At 07:09 9/1/97 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>There really do exist
>other arenas for such discussions: I know there is one for Theology, and if
>there isn't one for Synoptic Criticism, then perhaps those list-members
>(and I know there are several) who feel it is called for would proceed to
>establish one (and notify this list about it!).

If I may suggest, the Crosstalk mailing list, dedicated for discussing
the historical Jesus, is an appropriate place for occasional discussions
on Synoptic source criticism. To subscribe, send the message "SUBSCRIBE
CROSSTALK" to This topic is relevant
to the Crosstalk list, but not the B-GREEK list, because the relative
priority of the synoptic gospels is considered important in a historico-
critical analysis of the historical Jesus.

Lately the discussion on Crosstalk has been about Jesus' and early
Christians' (e.g. Paul's) view of Satan, but a few weeks ago there
was a discussion about one of the latest books from the Griesbach
perspective, A.J. McNicol et al., LUKE'S USE OF MATTHEW.

If the Rev. Dr. Powers would subscribe to Crosstalk and repost his
questions there, I can get the ball rolling by formulating in short
order a list based on Hawkins, Streeter, Styler, and others of some
of the passages in Mark generally thought to be indicative of Markan

Although this message is at best mariginally "meta-relevant" to the
B-GREEK, I'm hoping that an affirmative response pointing to a more
appropriate forum for the Synoptic Problem instead of a merely negative,
but true, denial of B-GREEK's aptness would not be considered entirely
out of order on B-GREEK.

Stephen Carlson

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