Re: The Relevance of Synoptic Order

From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 06:37:55 EDT

Perhaps I might underline what Stephen Carlson has said about the
Crosstalk list. It is certainly not out of bounds to discuss the
Synoptic Problem there, and there has been some interesting and
useful discussion of it. I would be happy to give my own reactions
to Revd. Dr Powers' comments in that forum (or privately).

It is probably not out of order to mention one or two other
relevant on-line facilities. Dr Powers and others may be interested
to note that Griesbachians have recently set up their own web site,

This is in the early stages of contruction, but it includes some nice
looking synopses in Greek. The best on-line facility for study of
the synoptic problem is, though, Stephen Carlson's site and I would
recommend it to those b-greekers who have not had a chance to
consult it. There is good Greek synopsis here too. The
address is,


I am currently working on my own website on the Farrer Hypothesis
(Priority of Mark; no Q) and it should be available within the next

Good wishes


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