LXX musings

From: McKay family (music@fl.net.au)
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 10:48:31 EDT

5th September, 1997
I have been looking at the vocabulary of the LXX as compared with the NT,
but am limited to BibleWorks [which doesn't have a complete lexicon yet,
and has strange parsing I am unfamiliar with, but big promises for Version
4 next year] and Morrish's Concordance as well as my you-beaut $1 abridged
copy of Liddell [father of Alice in Wonderland I believe] and Scott.

It seems to me that if you have a good NT vocab [say all the words that
occur 20 times or more] you will be able to make a good start. So far, it
would appear that most words that are not used in the NT are rarely used in
the LXX, although some words that are frequently used in the LXX only occur
10 times or less in the NT.

For instance, we left handers find this attribute mentioned only 4 times in
the NT, but ARISTEROS occurs 65 times in the LXX!
I'm having a go at producing a little book of frequent vocab in the LXX
which occur less than 50 times in the NT. My idea is that this could be of
use to someone who had done 1 year of NT Greek.

I think that when learning NT vocab, it could be useful to know that a word
that is only used rarely in the NT is actually quite common in the LXX.

David McKay

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