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Repertoire of Greek and Latin Authors (2nd edition)

September, 1997

Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - The Universite du Quebec
a Trois-Rivieres is pleased to announce the release
of the 2nd edition of "Clavis scriptorum graecorum et latinorum",
the most complete repertoire of greek and latin authors
ever published. This second edition is published
in 10 volumes bound.

The Repertoire is intended as the vade mecum of specialized
researchers and writers, reference librarians, universities
and colleges, specialized institutes and societies.

Information on more than 52 000 Greek and Latin Authors
(20 700 records in the first edition) is provided.

The Repertoire carried out studies on the tradition of texts
(lost works, fragments, unpublished manuscripts, published works).
Precise information is given on each authors' intellectual, literary or
professionnal activities (philosophus, metricus, grammaticus,
historicus, medicus...).

Extra information about the second edition of the CLAVIS
is provided on the UQTR Library Web site:

For further information, please contact:

      Gaetane Blais
      Fax: (819) 376-5144


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