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Date: Sat Sep 06 1997 - 16:18:26 EDT

<html><html><head></head><BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><p><font size=2 color="#000000" face="Arial">Dale, et. al.,<br><br>I thought &nbsp;it was just me. &nbsp;However, som e of the posts have been helpful, I think! &nbsp;They have at least given some perspective on the terminology as it is used by various members on the list.<br><br>The expression means something like speaking words of wisdom to the wise, or trying to educate the already educated.<br><br>Paul F. Evans<br>Pastor<br>Thunder Swamp Pentecostal Holiness Church<br>MT. Olive<br><br>E-mail:<br>Web-page:>----------<br>&gt; From: Dale M. Wheeler &lt;<font color="#0000FF"><u></u><font color="#000000">&gt;<br>&gt; To: <font color="#0000FF"><u></u><font color="#000000"><br>&gt; Subject: Re: Qualitative and Indefinite <br>&gt; Date: Saturday, September 06, 1997 12:52 PM<br>&gt; <br>&gt; John Kendall wrote:<br>&gt; <br>&gt; &gt;Sorry if part of this post is, as we say, 'teaching m
y grandmother to suck<br>&gt; &gt;eggs', <br>&gt; <br>&gt; We have confusion between linguists and non-linguists; now we have it between<br>&gt; American and Commonwealth speakers of English... &nbsp;Am I the only American who<br>&gt; has no idea what &quot;...teaching my grandmother to suck eggs' means ?? &nbsp;John,<br>&gt; could you clarify ??<br>&gt; <br>&gt; <br>&gt; <br>&gt; &gt;but in places this discussion has seemed to me to be terminologically<br>&gt; &gt;confusing.....ETC... &lt;snip&gt;<br>&gt; <br>&gt; I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who got lost in the ambiguous<br>&gt; use of terminology...<br>&gt; <br>&gt; XAIREIN...<br>&gt; <br>&gt; <br>&gt; <br>&gt; <br>&gt; ***********************************************************************<br>&gt; Dale M. Wheeler, Ph.D.<br>&gt; Research Professor in Biblical Languages &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Multnomah Bible College<br>&gt; 8435 NE Glisan Street &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&n
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