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From: Kevin and Sandi Anderson (
Date: Sun Sep 07 1997 - 17:12:46 EDT

I know this is a very late entry to this thread; but I was surprised that
no one (at least that I know of) has mentioned the _Shorter Lexicon_ based
on BAGD. IMHO it is a fine lexicon for on-the-fly translation of NT texts
for students of all levels. It is not as "
narrow" as the UBS Dictionary, since each entry is a stripped-down and/or
revised version of its BAGD counterpart. Many irregular verb forms can also
be found among the alphabetized entries (great feature for first year
students). It is not pocket-sized, but it does fit neatly into one's
briefcase. I have always made it a required text for my NT Greek students,
hoping that after their first semester or so they will graduate to the more
heavyweight lexica.

Kevin L. Anderson
Ph.D. student
London Bible College/Brunel University

From: Burton J. Rozema <>
Date: Wednesday, August 13, 1997 2:29 PM
Subject: Lexicon

Can anyone recommend a lexicon for NT Greek for use with students in the first year or two? I hesitate to have them buy Arndt and Gingrich (too much at this stage and too expensive), and the lexicon in the back of the UBS text is just too brief and "narrow" for my tastes. By "narrow" I mean it often gives only one meaning, which discourages students from picking up all the nuances, and gives them no practice in using a serious lexicon.

I have used Gingrich's abridged, which at this point is my only alternative, unless someone has a better suggestion.

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