Re: Jn 1:1

Date: Wed Sep 03 1997 - 08:23:14 EDT

Dear B-Greeks,

I'd like to offer a translation of my own (humbly). If anyone has comments
on it which haven't already appeared in other posts, I'd be happy to
recieve them.

        1:1 In the beginning, was Logos;
                        and, Logos was godward God;
                        and, Logos, *itself*, was a god.
        1:2 Logos was godward God in the beginning.

        It may very well be due to the primitive state of my Greek, but I can
tell you that a novice finds most of the arguments presented unvonvincing,
simply for various logical reasons which I won't trouble you with. But, a
major one (for me) is that "Logos" doesn't mean "Word", so any detailed
grammatical analyses which feature it seem to me suspect. (As you can
see, I have no English alternative to offer.)

Will Wagers "Reality is the best metaphor."

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