Re: Translating and Inclusive Language

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 17:58:24 EDT

At 11:10 AM 9/4/97 -0400, Nichael Cramer wrote:
>McKay family wrote:

>> 'Whoever has ears to hear, let THEM hear' etc. ... at
>> > least [it's] proper English. [paraphrased Metzger]
>The real problem, of course, is that there simply _isn't_ a way to say this
>in gramaical English.

Or in typo-free English ;-> In Mark 4:23, the Greek reads EI TIS ECEI WTA
AKOUEIN AKOUETW. I don't see no "him" in the Greek - it is inserted as part
of the translation.

How about this: "Let anyone who has ears to hear with listen."


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