Re: Translating and Inclusive Language

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 18:22:05 EDT

This is not meant for response, but while we're on the subject of
"fixing" the English language so Greek can be more accurately
expressed/translated - it's too bad we can't bring back the old
"ye/you/your/thee/thou/thy/thine," etc., distinction in translations -
one thing the KJV and RV/ASV (I think) have going for them. [Re: the OT:
In 1st-year Hebrew I noticed there were lots of switchings from
2nd-person singular to 2nd-person plural endings in connected OT
passages - the teacher said that was one reason some scholars attribute
multiple authorship to parts of the Pentateuch.] Using "you all" when
there is a switch in a narrative from singular to plural "you" would
probably be awkward if done all the time.

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