Re: ALLOS and Jn. 1:1c (Anarthrous Subject)

Date: Wed Sep 10 1997 - 08:19:11 EDT

Dear B-Greeks,

I don't see an important difference between Cindy's view that
EIMI + PROS signifies parts of a complex unity and the other view
(Rolf's?) that it signifies separation. The notion of parts of a whole,
obviously, supports both views, i.e. there are "parts" and they
comprise a "whole". Emphasizing one or the other aspect does not
negate the other.

The best word for the whole in Jn 1:1 is *syzygy*.

Looking elsewhere in According to John for a comparable construction
will probably be fruitless, because the incarnation places Jesus outside
the syzygy (in our world), i.e. *while* walking the Earth, he is not PROS

Will Wagers "Reality is the best metaphor."

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