Re: ALLOS and Jn. 1:1c (Anarthrous Subject)

From: David Perkins (
Date: Fri Sep 12 1997 - 06:15:54 EDT

Carl wrote:

>To be sure, the verse has been mentioned previously in connection with the
>usage of MONOGENHS QEOS here, but there's been no discussion of hO WN EIS
>TON KOLPON TOU PATROS, and I would think that it just MIGHT have some
>bearing on how we understand PROS TON QEON in John 1:1. Personally, I
>think EIS TON KOLPON is even more striking thatn PROS + acc. with EIMI: we
>might understand PROS TON QEON to mean "in the presence of" or "face to
>face with," but the sense of EIS TON KOLPON TOU PATROS WN is the more
>striking (I think), and not really adequately conveyed in English by "in
>the bosom of the father."

I agree with Carl here. 1:1 and 1:18 form an inclusio. Jesus' manner of
being with the Father bracket this paragraph. 1:1 and 20:29 form another
inclusio. Jesus is said to be God (however one translates that given the
thread on this issues) and to be with God in 1:1, and Thomas worships him
as Lord and God at the end of the Gospel (viewing ch 21 as an appendix
added later by others).

Also, the concept of Jesus in the Father's bosom presents a word picture
of a oneness that the passages I listed in a previous post today,
passages about Jesus' being with the Father during his ministry, seem to

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