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From: Cal Redmond (
Date: Mon Sep 15 1997 - 16:02:00 EDT

Nichael Cramer wrote:
> Not exactly on topic, but surely someone in this august group can give me
> some pointers.
> Does anyone have any experience with/recomendations for/suggestions about
> teaching Greek to young children?
> For some time now, my daughter, Asah (who turns seven on Saturday) has
> been climbing up in lap as I study my flash cards. This is actually a
> useful exercise for both of us; I drill on the Greek and she on the
> English. (Moreover it appears that she has actually picked up a handful
> of the words.)
> Recently, however, she has expressed an what appears to be a genuine
> interest in learning more (i.e. she has explicitly asked to do more).
> Thus far this has taken the form of her starting to learn the Greek
> alphabet. But my question is where do I go from here?
> Now, I know there are plenty of systems around for teaching --or at least
> exposing-- modern foreign languages (notably French and Spanish) to young
> children (i.e. tapes, semi-bi-lingual kids books, etc.) But I certainly
> know of nothing comparable for Greek. Futhermore, even setting aside the
> fact most of the Greek grammars I know are certainly nothing I'd want to
> inflict on a defenseless six-year-old, how I would actually even approach
> this is not clear to me.
> Now, it's very likely this may be a phase, and in a couple of months she
> may have forgotten ever having thought about it. But it's such an
> enchanting idea --and she seems so genuinely interested-- that I can
> hardly say no without even trying.
> So, any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Nichael
> Nichael Cramer
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Nichael, I have bookmarked a web page which markets a Greek learning
curriculum purportedly for "ages pre-school and up." THe URL for that

I have no experience or first-hand knowledge of this curriculum. I have
considered it for my children, who have expressed a similar desire to
learn Greek.


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