Re: Definition Required

From: Matt Bell (
Date: Wed Sep 17 1997 - 14:59:51 EDT

I need a definition of the Gk word Kananites as used of Simon the Canaanite
in Matthew 10:4. What, if any, is its relation to Luke's Simon Zelotes in
6:15? Any information on the word would be greatly appreciated.

The two terms are apparently references to Zealots in Aramaic and
Greek respectively. The late F. F. Bruce says, "The Zealots ... called
themselves by the Hebrew term _qanna'im_ or the Aramaic _qan'anayya_. The
apostle whom Luke calls 'Simon the Zealot' (Luke 6:15; Acts 1:13) is
referred to by the other Synoptic Evangelists as 'Simon the Cananaean'
3:19; Matt. 10:4)--'cananaean' being the Aramaic form supplied with a Greek
ending" (F. F. Bruce, _New Testament History_, [Doubleday: Garden City, NY,
1969], p. 93).

Thanks David. Just a supplementary question. The word 'Cananaean' is from
the modern versions, the King James Version uses the word Canaanite. Does
the same apply to canaanite as with cananaean i.e. 'being the Aramic form
supplied with a Greek ending'. Is the Greek word used for Canaanite
(Kananites) also equivalent to the Aramaic Zelotes? Thanks in advance.


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