Re: My Apologies!

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Sep 22 1997 - 15:15:26 EDT

At 7:03 AM -0500 9/22/97, Rev. Craig R. Harmon wrote:
>To all b-greek members.
>When I wrote to the group the article entitled "John 1:1 QEOS definitely
>definite?" I was unaware of the existence of the long running thread,
>and, since I had not found this thread in the archives of the group, I
>was also unaware of the voluminous discussion which had already taken
>place. After I posted the original article, Jonathan Robie was kind
>enough to tell me about and to e-mail me the digests of these
>To those not happy about my causing a rehash of old stuff, I apologize.
>However, in reading the many points of view it seems perfectly clear to
>me now that QEOS in John 1:1c (a) is definite; (b) is indefinite; (c) is
>neither definite nor indefinite but qualitative; (d) is qualitative and
>indefinite; and that "the Word is a god" (a) isdefinitely a
>grammatically possible translation; (b) is definitely a grammatical
>Have I got it right yet? :)

Yea, verily! I've never seen these propositions set forth with this degree
of clarity and validity! Now, perhaps, the fact that the archives of the
recent thread are not as yet available is not so lamentable as did once
seem. Or, as Strepsiades in Aristophanes' _Clouds_ says, "Now that I know
that the feminine of "rooster" is "roosteress," I'll be able to meet every
challenge hereafter." Congratulations!

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