Re: My Apologies!

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Sep 22 1997 - 14:35:14 EDT

At 01:03 PM 9/22/97 +0100, Rev. Craig R. Harmon wrote:
>To those not happy about my causing a rehash of old stuff, I apologize.

Not a problem - you didn't know about the earlier discussion. I stepped in
because I *did* know of the earlier discussion, and didn't see much point in
starting again from scratch.

>However, in reading the many points of view it seems perfectly clear to
>me now that QEOS in John 1:1c (a) is definite; (b) is indefinite; (c) is
>neither definite nor indefinite but qualitative; (d) is qualitative and
>indefinite; and that "the Word is a god" (a) is definitely a
>grammatically possible translation; (b) is definitely a grammatical
>Have I got it right yet? :)
Now *this* is willful provocation (grin!).


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