Re: Jack's website

From: Frantz Iago (
Date: Tue Sep 23 1997 - 15:18:06 EDT

I saw it, and it is a very poor forgery of manuscripts. It is also
unaccurate some of the notes. The text of the so called original ten
commandments as he present it is incomplete and very poor hand
writing of ancient Hebrew. The Prayer (MT. 6:9ff) was probably
(originaly) in Rabbinical Hebrew used for prayers and if it was in
the common language of the people it was probably then Hebrew of
those days. Aramaic may had a place in some regions as well as in
Jewish prayer, but a translation of those verese from Greek into
Hebrew have more meaning and sense than into any other language. Of
course, the differences between Palestinian Aramaic and palestinian
Hebrew of the time of Jesus was not a major one. Today we use some
Aramaic in prayer only in our synagogues. Especially in Orthodox
ones in places outside Israel. In Israel is common to use Hebrew
unless is an ancient prescribe prayer like those in the Siddur.
Among the Sephardim we used Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic in some
prayers and poetry. Also Greek and Judeo-Greek in Saloniki.

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