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Hello, all.

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> On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Jack Kilmon wrote:

> > Simply because the vox ipsissima Iesu was Aramaic and not Greek.

> so what?

> > > The (incredibly well documented) canon of scripture we have is the
> > > inspired
> > > word of God not some theoretical reconstruction...
> >
> > Are you saying that the Greek-speaking Matthean author was
> > "inspired"moreso than the Aramaic speaking Jesus?

We have no certain text of the sayings of the Aramaic speaking Jesus.
There's still debate over how much Greek and Hebrew he spoke, etc. There's
still research to be done on the phenomenon of a multi-lingual culture, how
people might think in one language while speaking another (I once read
something that Kurt Aland wrote in English, but "clearly he in German was
thinking" <G>.) Neither the evidence nor the consensus supports the
sweeping tone of Jack's claims.

As illuminating as Aramaic or Hebrew reconstructions can be (and I've read
Blizzard, Howard, Black, et. al.), the text we have before us is in Greek.
Let's deal with *that*. Everything else is conjecture and commentary
(sometimes very illuminating commentary, but commentary nonetheless).


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