Teaching Greek

From: Jim Oxford (JOxford@easy.com)
Date: Wed Sep 17 1997 - 16:38:18 EDT

I think that all of us who teach/have taught Greek would agree that our
primary objective is that our students learn Greek. There has been some
discussion as to the various merits/demerits of different teaching methods.
Perhaps, though, the needs of the learners are being overlooked. Some
learners do well with traditional methods, which appear to be defined as
"rote memorization." Other learners may profit from the manner that Clay
and Jonathan suggested. But in the end, shouldn't we, as teachers, be
ready and willing to curb our pedagogy to the needs of our students? I'm
also curious to know if anyone has attempted to bridge the gap between
traditional and non-traditional teaching methodologies? Was it successful?


Jim Oxford
PhD Candidate in New Testament
Baylor University

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