Re: Teaching Greek

From: Daniel L Christiansen (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 18:35:00 EST

Carlton Winbery wrote [snipped]:
> By the way, I'm not sure its how many
> credit hours you have but what else do you bring to the table, such as some
> knowledge of how people learn, how to help people with developing an attack
> method to the subject, etc. If you fear being wrong in front of a class,
> don't ever begin to teach Greek.

Amen to that, Carlton! Often-times I will realize that what I am
telling my students doesn't sound quite right. Then, I have to back up
and rethink what I thought certain I understood. Certainly, in exegesis
courses, I learn as much as my students, each time around. I had a
professor in seminary who could not admit to being mistaken--I didn't
learn much from him. Another professor (much older) was willing to be
corrected, if appropriate--I think I learned more about Greek under 1
year of his tutelage, than in the 5 years prior combined.

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