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From: James H. Vellenga (
Date: Tue Sep 23 1997 - 16:07:32 EDT

> Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 05:20:16 -0500
> From: "Carl W. Conrad" <>
> At 10:47 AM -0500 9/23/97, Rick Strelan wrote:
> >How to understand the dative in Eph 5:19b: PSALLONTES THi KARDIAi HYMWN.
> >Locative: "in your heart(s)"
> >Manner: "with your heart(s)"
> >Advantage: "to/for your heart(s)"?
> >
> >Note also 5:19a: LALOUNTES hEAUTOIS and Col 3:16: AiDONTES EN TAIS KARDIAIS
> >(note the preposition + the plural)
> I'm not sure that Col 3:16 helps definitively, as it could be eiher
> instrumental ("Manner" or "Means") or locative; 5:19a is pretty clearly
> true dative and reciprocal-- "to each other." I think Eph 5:19b and Col
> 3:16 are probably both instrumental; (a) if Eph 19b were locative, it
> really OUGHT to have an EN; and (b) there doesn't really seem to be any
> place here for THi KARDIAi to mean, as it sometimes does, "silently." So I
> would think the instrumental--"manner"--or even "means" ("with your
> hearts") would be the preferable interpretation here.
I look at the "Locative" and "Manner" translations and wonder
whether there's really that much difference in this case.
I.e., if we talk about "singing and psalming in your hearts",
does that really operationally amount to anything other than
"singing and psalming _with_ your hearts." Or in other words,
if I tried to follow either one or the other of these instructions,
how would I do things differently?

Jim Vellenga

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