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Date: Wed Sep 24 1997 - 02:41:07 EDT

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> How to understand the dative in Eph 5:19b: PSALLONTES THi KARDIAi
> HYMWN. Locative: "in your heart(s)"
> Manner: "with your heart(s)"
> Advantage: "to/for your heart(s)"?

> Note also 5:19a: LALOUNTES hEAUTOIS and Col 3:16: AiDONTES EN TAIS
> KARDIAIS (note the preposition + the plural)

 Just a quickie, Rick:

 It's Instrumental/Ablative: singing by with or from the heart. Heart is
 singular because it's one man, one heart. And it's "the heart" not "your
 heart" because with parts of the body, it can only be yours that you control!

 In Col 3:16 it's plural, because the writer forgot the "one man, one heart"
 convention. Koine Greek often uses a redundant preposition instead of the bare
 oblique case, ISTM.


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