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Date: Wed Sep 24 1997 - 06:56:20 EDT

At 2:41 AM -0500 9/24/97, Ben Crick wrote:
>On Wed 24 Sep 97 (01:47:53 +1000), wrote:
>> How to understand the dative in Eph 5:19b: PSALLONTES THi KARDIAi
>> HYMWN. Locative: "in your heart(s)"
>> Manner: "with your heart(s)"
>> Advantage: "to/for your heart(s)"?
>> Note also 5:19a: LALOUNTES hEAUTOIS and Col 3:16: AiDONTES EN TAIS
>> KARDIAIS (note the preposition + the plural)
> Just a quickie, Rick:
> It's Instrumental/Ablative: singing by with or from the heart. Heart is
> singular because it's one man, one heart. And it's "the heart" not "your
> heart" because with parts of the body, it can only be yours that you control!

One question for clarification's sake here, Ben. I am assuming that your
"from the heart" conception of the sense is what accounts for the Ablative
side of your identification "Instrumental/Ablative" here, but although the
Proto Indo European instrumental do, in fact, fuse in Latin and perhaps in
some other IE languages, they go separate ways in Greek, Instrumental with
Dative and Ablative with Genitive. This being the case, I don't see how THi
KARDIAi can be Ablative. Could you explain this? Did you mean something
more than that "from the heart" is also IMPLICIT in the expression, or only

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