Re: Rev 2:20 - "the adultery of eating food"

From: Andrew Kulikovsky (
Date: Tue Sep 30 1997 - 05:59:18 EDT

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Jonathan Robie wrote:

> At 02:46 PM 9/29/97 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> >At 1:50 PM -0500 9/29/97, wrote:
> >>Anyway, I'm thinking that the translators took PORNEUSAI KAI FAGEIN
> >>EIDWLOQUTA as an example of hendiadys and translated it as they did. I don't
> >>know that I agree with that assessment, but it seems to be a legitimate
> >>possibility.
> >And finally, to carry that one step
> >further, the two phrases, PORNEUSAI and FAGEIN EIDWLOQUTA, are interpreted
> >to be alternative phrases meaning the same thing. That's what the JB
> >translators have evidently interpreted it to be, an instance of hendiadys,
> >the rhetorical usage of two terms together to refer to a single idea.
> I thought I knew a lot about hens, but I had never heard the term hendiadys
> before. Since it wasn't in the index of "The Family Poultry Flock", I tried
> Smyth's Greek Grammar. Just in case I'm not the only ignorant person out
> there, let me spell out what Rev Craig and Carl are telling me.

Jonathan, (and other interested parties)

there is a link to a glossary of rhetorical terms such as hendiadys,
chiasmus, aliteration etc on my web page, under "Exegetical Aids"


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