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>I would love to see it, if it adds new information. I think I found a
>hendiasys in English incidentally: how about "nice and cool" = "pleasantly
>cool". Found that one on a web site for English usage, but I lost the URL.
>Incidentally, hendiasys is not in the index of Porter's "Idioms of the Greek
>New Testatament" either.

I don't have Porter's, but if it is in the index, it would be found under
"hendiaDys" (hEN DIA DUS = one through two), not hendiasys. If you have
BDF (or can make the proper conversion from BDR), hendiadys is found at
442(16). Here is a quote:

    "(16) The co-ordination of two ideas, one of which is dependent
    on the other (hendiadys), serves in the NT to avoid a series of
    dependent genitives (cf. 162(2)): A 23:6 PERI ELPIDOS KAI ANA-
    STASEWS NEKRWN 'on account of the hope of the resurrection of
    the dead'; . . . ."

Also cited are: Ac14:17 1:25 1Pt4:14 Jm5:10 Lk2:47 21:15 Rv1:5 2Tm2:13
Tt2:13 2Pt1:16. Funk's notes also cite Mk6:26=Mt14:9.

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