Re: ei)s u(pakoh\n pi/stews in Rom. 1:5

From: Glen Riddle (
Date: Wed Oct 01 1997 - 02:52:48 EDT

Rick Brannan wrote:
> Please excuse the beta code in the subject line.
> I was just reading through this in the NASB (Rom. 1:5) which translates
> "obedience of faith". The same phrase occurs at the end of Romans (16:26) with
> the same translation, in the NASB. It seemed like an interesting concept, so I
> thought I'd explore it further.
> BAGD has: ei)s u(pakoh\n pi/stews Ro 1:5; 16:26 is to be taken in this sense
> _to promote obedience to the message of faith_. But it may be better to render
> it more generally _with a view to (promoting) obedience which springs from
> faith_
> My Greek is quite rusty -- I can usually only read the text, get down to a
> lemma, and look it up in BAGD. u(pakoh\n is accusative, and pi/stews is
> genitve, so is the Greek here implying that obedience originates with faith?
> Is this a strictly Pauline concept (does it just occur in Romans, for that
> matter?) or are there other instances of such an idea in classical/koine
> literature?
> I'm sorry the question seems so basic, and would appreciate any email
> responses to this CC'd to me directly, as I am no longer a member of this list
> (too many emails, not enough time to digest it all ... ). Please simply
> disregard the query if I'm out of order in asking the forum, as I am not
> currently a subscriber to the list. Thank you for your time.
> ___________________
> Rick Brannan

I like Wallace's "genitive of production/producer". Such here in Rom.
1.5 would result in something like "obedience produced by faith" (see
Wallace, p. 106).

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