Re: ei)s u(pakoh\n pi/stews in Rom. 1:5

From: Edgar Krentz (
Date: Wed Oct 01 1997 - 08:27:30 EDT

EIS hUPAKOHN PISTEWS in Rom 1:5 is an oxymoron, a rhetorical device Paul
often uses. Whoever suggested that it was a genitive of definition was on
target. The obedience Paul calls for is faith itself. Paul formulates this
way to rule out any obedience which is conformation to rules.

Two other examples of oxymoron in Paul. Rom 12:1-2 speaks of a "living
sacrifice," which is nonsense in the first century world. And in Romans
3:27ff he speaks of the NOMOS THS PISTEWS, the law of faith.

When Paul uses such oxymora, something fundamental is usually at stake for him.

Can anyone extend my list of oxymora in Paul?

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