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Date: Tue Oct 07 1997 - 06:55:47 EDT

At 10:35 PM 10/6/97 -0400, Stephen E. Michaels wrote:
>Bible Works for Windows does indeed have SUHNTE in Isa 7:9 marked as an
>imperfect subjunctive and SUNTELESH in Isa 10:12 marked as a future
>subjunctive. We cannot, however, place the blame with the software
>publisher: the LXX morphological database came from the University of
>Pennsylvania CATSS. Note the following copyright notice:
>>LXX Greek Morphology and Lemma Database (LXM), 1991 Edition, Copyright
>1990-1991 by the University of Pennsylvania, CATSS. The morphologically
>analyzed text of CATSS Greek Jewish Scriptures was prepared by the CATSS
>(Computer Assisted Tools for Septuagint Studies) Project, under the
>direction of Robert Kraft (Philadelphia team). The morphological analysis
>was done by David Packard in 1977. The LXM coding and lemmatization scheme
>(such as compound verbs) is not consistent with the Friberg AGNT2
>morph-parsing coding and lemmatization. However, some of this inconsistency
>has been overcome by certain BibleWorks features, such as re-use GNM search
>expression in an LXM search.
>>Copyright 1995 Michael S. Bushell
Just for general info: there is a big difference in the accuracy of
different databases for the GNT and LXX. There are several much better
databases for the GNT, and I know that the Gramcord Institute is in the
process of creating a more accurate LXX database, and this is one of those
things that I REALLY WANT!

The CATSS databases were basically the first morphological databases, a
great leap forward, but not completely accurate. The most accurate database
that can be downloaded for free is probably James Tauber's GNT database,
which can be downloaded from Vincent Broman's site at
"". There are two commercial GNT
morphological databases, one from the Gramcord Institute, and one done by
the Fribergs. Both are used in several commercial software programs. The
Friberg database is also available in print.

At this point, I don't really know of a more accurate LXX database until
Gramcord releases theirs.


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