C. H. Dodd

From: Brian E. Wilson (brian@twonh.demon.co.uk)
Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 10:38:29 EDT

Ben Crick wrote the following as part of a recent posting:

>We sit UNDER Scripture in obedience; not OVER it in judgment. It
>reminds me of CH Dodds' statement in the introduction to his
>commentary on /Romans/:
>"Sometimes I feel that St Paul is wrong; and where he is wrong, I say
>so". What arrogance!

I would gently suggest that generally it does not help anyone's case
either to place in inverted commas words which are not exactly what an
author wrote, or to quote only the first half of an author's statement
in which the two halves express opposite poles of a single idea.

The exact wording of the two complementary halves of Dodd's statement is
as follows:

"Sometimes I think Paul is wrong, and I have ventured to say so.
In the main, what he says seems to me to be profoundly true."

( - The Epistle of Paul to the Romans - London,1932, page xxxv).


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