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From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 06 1997 - 11:28:27 EDT

Dear B-Greekers:

Several good things seem to have been happening on B-Greek recently: we are
about to have a neat logo for our group (check out the site and vote
reasonably soon at http://sunsite.unc.edu/bgreek/bakeoff/ if you haven't
already), we have made some strides in clarifying the difference between
constructive and unconstructive discussion on the list, and now we on the
BG-Staff are trying to get a clearer understanding of the make-up of our
list membership and its diversity of backgrounds and interests. Responding
to this survey is strictly voluntary; what you tell us of the extent of
your background in Greek or your professional or lay status has absolutely
no bearing on your qualifications to participate as an equal in list
discussions; and information about individuals obtained by means of this
survey will not be released publicly or to any other agency; I shall myself
be tabulating the results as I have time--and I have no idea of the volume
of response we'll be getting or how long it will take me to do the
tabulating, and once I have completed the tabulation, I shall post the
cumulative results of the survey to the list.

Please return the forms to me at cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu -- most mailing
programs will probably return them automatically to me. BE CAREFUL HOWEVER
TO DELETE "b-greek@virginia.edu" from the cc line of your response--if you
don't do that, your response to the survey will go out to everybody on the
list. That may not upset you, but we really do not want to have these
individual responses posted to the list. I'll have them filtered into a
separate mailbox and keep them apart from all other correspondence of any
sort. Thanks for your cooperation.

!!! REMEMBER TO DELETE "b-greek@virginia.edu" FROM THE CC LINE OF YOUR
B-Greek Survey (purely voluntary)

Welcome to B-Greek. We are very glad you are here, and would like to know a
little more about you. We know that we have a wide variety of people on the
list - from self-taught beginners to well-known authorities, from
computational linguists interested in the formal structure of the language
to simple believers trying to further their spiritual life. We would like
to know more about your own background in order to help us make everybody
welcome here. We are not trying to figure out what most people are like in
order to establish norms for the list; instead, we are more interested in
knowing about the range of people who are interested in B-Greek. However, we
know that some people prefer not to participate in surveys, and there is no
pressure to do so. Although we think the range of backgrounds discovered by
this means may be of interest to all, we do not intend to disclose any
information about individuals, nor have we any intention to release
information derived from this questionnaire to any publishers or

Some of the questions may well admit of more than one answer; feel free to
indicate all that you deem applicable to your own situation.

1. From what basis of interest did you subscribe to B-Greek (-Digest)?
(a) lay-person seeking to develop/expand skills in Biblical Greek in order
to read the Biblical text in the original language
(b) pastor of a church seeking to develop/expand skills in Biblical Greek
in order to be a better communicator of the Biblical message in teaching
and/or preaching
(c) undergraduate college student learning Biblical Greek
(d) seminary student learning Biblical Greek
(e) seminary or university graduate student using Biblical Greek for research
(f) lay-person interested chiefly in Biblical Greek language/linguistics
(g) professional teacher of Biblical Greek (e.g., in a university, seminary)
(h) other? Please explain.

2. How much and what kind of Greek study have you done?
(a) very little or none
(b) self-taught (Explain, if you'd like to)
(c) one or more years of course work in college or seminary
(d) several years of reading and study
(e) other? (e.g., translator of the Bible into vernaculars, in the field)
Please explain.

3. What do you find most helpful in B-Greek exchanges? (answer all that apply)
(a) answers to specific questions about the grammar of Biblical texts
(b) exegetical insights into the meaning of Biblical texts derived from
grammatical analysis
(c) discussion of questions of Biblical Greek language: words, morphology,
or syntax
(d) bibliographical information regarding Bible or Greek or related subjects
(e) pedagogical discussion on learning and teaching of Greek
(f) other? Please explain.

4. What, if anything, do you find annoying in B-Greek exchanges?
(optional, but please answer if you have peeves)

5. Have you published anything you might like others to know about?
(optional: your answer will win you no awards nor will it qualify or
disqualify you)

6. Do you maintain a web-site with matters pertinent to B-Greek
subscribers? Would you share the URL with us?

7. Since e-addresses are often inadequate indicators of where a poster
resides, would you please tell us where you live?

!!! REMEMBER TO DELETE "b-greek@virginia.edu" FROM THE CC LINE OF YOUR

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