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Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 13:47:21 EDT

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>Ben Crick wrote the following as part of a recent posting:
>>We sit UNDER Scripture in obedience; not OVER it in judgment. It
>>reminds me of CH Dodds' statement in the introduction to his
>>commentary on /Romans/:
>>"Sometimes I feel that St Paul is wrong; and where he is wrong, I say
>>so". What arrogance!
>I would gently suggest that generally it does not help anyone's case
>either to place in inverted commas words which are not exactly what an
>author wrote, or to quote only the first half of an author's statement
>in which the two halves express opposite poles of a single idea.
>The exact wording of the two complementary halves of Dodd's statement is
>as follows:
>"Sometimes I think Paul is wrong, and I have ventured to say so.
>In the main, what he says seems to me to be profoundly true."
>( - The Epistle of Paul to the Romans - London,1932, page xxxv).

Quite so. Which leads to a further observation; when citations are made,
they must be made fairly and not skewed in such a way as to erect a straw
man. Who, by the way, benefits from such skewed quotations but those with a
theological axe to grind?


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